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Piece Coordination

Piece Coordination

Jan 28, 2016, 4:44 AM 0

What’s up my fine friends?


Just a few days ago I got to read through a game that has to be one of the more pretty games I have ever seen. What I mean by “pretty” is not an incredible Tal-ish sacrificial mate with the king and one pawn against an entire army absurdity, but a strategic game where one man employs a good plan that completely dismantles his opponent. This game was between two 2400’s; playing white was Matthias Thesing, and playing black, Lucian Filip. The game demonstrates an amazing plan where black sets up an attack twenty moves in advance. His piece coordination is superb while white is left out in the cold when it comes to his pieces.

I also created a suplimentary video on my YouTube channel, so if you want additional commentary, just click below!






As I said, I really enjoyed that game because of the way that black handled the changes in the position. He took what his opponent gave him, and in the critical moments, calculated his way to a better position. The ebbs and flows of the game were handled masterfully by Lucian, I enjoyed, I hope you did to!!




If you have any questions about the positions or think I missed something, be sure to let me know!!








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