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    • Weather Updates

      This blog post will have updates hopefully every day about the weather worldwide. So if you're about to go outside, get the full weather update here, the best and most professional (for what I know!). And also, please do not comment on this post... | Read More

    • Royal Baby Updates!!

      This is it! The time is here! The royal baby is on the way!  Updates shown here: | Read More

      • Matty_J2912
      • | Jul 22, 2013
    • World Weather 6/7/13

      Well the weather is going crazy around Europe with 33'C degrees in Rome, Italy! Moscow, Russia is getting a scorcher 26'C degrees! Paris is 24'C! Same in London! Berlin, Germany is 22'C! Dublin is 23'C! In Asia, Tokyo, its the night-time and its 2... | Read More

    • Weather Scorcher!

      So hopefully people in the U.K and Ireland who are viewing this are enjoying the sunny, warm weather with highs of up to 28 or 29 degrees! It will continue into next week and the week after that! So enjoy the weather but sad for Scotland, getting ... | Read More

    • Eurovision on!

      Eurovision is back! But on! I have set it up! So it's the same but your not texting or caling to vote, you are messaging me your top 10 countries with the subject ' Eurovision on' You have until July 5th to submit your vote... | Read More

    • Denmark, the winners of Eurovision 2013

      Denmark are the winners and believe it or not, its only a 20 minute drive between Malmo and Denmark!! So not a long way to go!! Tell us your comments on the outcome! | Read More

    • Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final Live Updates:

      Well, Europe is ready, Malmo is ready, well, now we wait, for 8pm IST for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest!! All the details will appear here!! | Read More

    • Speculation of an unidentified planet, Planet Nibiru, is to pass Earth in August 2013

      There is speculation that a planet 3 times the size of Jupiter is to pass Earth, like Asteroid 2012 DA14, and that the world may end again this month!! What are your views? | Read More

    • China Earthquake Live Updates

      A 6.6-7.0 magnitude earthquake has occured at about 8am local time in Sichuan. Live Updates on this page. | Read More

    • Boston Controversy Live Updates

      Monday: 2 explosions at Marathon, then fire at JFK Library. Friday Night: Suspect#2 captured Wednesday: Suspect#1 found dead. More updates to come. | Read More