World Weather 6/7/13

Jul 6, 2013, 4:32 AM |

Well the weather is going crazy around Europe with 33'C degrees in Rome, Italy! Moscow, Russia is getting a scorcher 26'C degrees! Paris is 24'C! Same in London! Berlin, Germany is 22'C! Dublin is 23'C! In Asia, Tokyo, its the night-time and its 27'C degrees!! Seoul is 23'C during night-time too! Beijing is 34'C! New Delhi is 32'C! In Africa, Cairo is 30'C! And Johannesburg is 16'C! In the U.S, New York is 26'C or 78'F! Toronto is 20'C or 68'F! L.A is 20'C or 68'F! Mexico City is 15'C! Santo Domingo is 24'C! Now South America, Rio De Janeiro is 19'C and Buenos Aires is 15'C. Australia's weather is as follows, Sydney's 12'C and Melbourne is 8'C. 

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('C means Celsius and 'F is Fahrenheit)