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A Reason to Play the Accelerated Dragon

A Reason to Play the Accelerated Dragon

Nov 19, 2009, 12:27 AM 3
The Accelerated Dragon has a tricky move order that often bust unsuspecting 1.e4 players who treat it as a regular Classical Dragon. Belonging to the 3 main Dragon Relatives, its move order is as follows:
  1. e4 c5
  2. Nf3 Nc6
  3. d4 cxd4
  4. Nxd4 g6 (see diagram on the right)
The move order has developed a knight on c6 instead of a pawn on d6. This is one of the main reason why most players play the Accelerated Dragon because it allows the black pawn thrust to d5 in one go. It means that if White blindly make his opening moves for a Yugoslav Attack formation in auto-pilot mode, Black in effect will be a tempo up after the thematic pawn thrust ...d5. To better comprehend the idea let's compare positions between the Classical Dragon and the Accelerated Dragon where in both cases White goes for a Yugoslav Attack set-up.... (continuation)

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