Chess Style Crisis

Chess Style Crisis

Sep 11, 2009, 4:53 AM |

I'm sure you've heard of "indentity crisis" but what I am talking about here is the state when you are confused of what kind of chess style you know that you have.

Just this year I have changed my opening repertoires, and immediately noticed that my playing style has changed from tactical to positional. It is not that I wanted to play positional games but realized the opening demands it to.

I have always been an 1.e4 player as white, and as black I play the Sicilian Dragon and the King's Indian. These openings have my taste for tactical games. But because of outside responsibilities I have had difficulty keeping up with the latest theory. Thus have suffered numerous defeats in later games played.

So I have decided to changed to low maintenance and more easily grasped openings: The English as white, and as black the Hyper Accelerated Dragon and the Nimzo Indian.

To be honest I dont enjoy playing the positions arising from the new repertoires because it is not to my tactical taste. I know my style is of a tactical player but because keeping up with the latest theory has become difficult for me, I was somehow forced to swallow which isn't my style - positional.

I wonder if you have had the same dilema and what can you say about it...

See my games below for examples of my new positional style.

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