Hyper Accelerated Dragon Move Order

Hyper Accelerated Dragon Move Order

Aug 9, 2009, 12:40 AM |

Having played the real Sicilian Dragon (with early 2...d6 after 1...c5) for years I now turn my attention to another dragon, the Hyper Accelerated Dragon (with 2...g6).

As with all opening move-orders there are pros and cons. On the positive side, the Hyper Accelerated Dragon move order avoids the Rossolimo Bb5+ (or the Moscow according to some sources) which in itself, in my opinion, is a serious distraction because it also offers white a very promising play and requires a fair amount of theoretical knowledge to fully play against it effectively. Apparently Gary Kasparov lost to Bb5+ 3 times in his chess career! So that's why I myself is very eager to avoid facing it as black. Thus I adopted the Hyper Accelerated Dragon move order. But on the apparently negative side, this move order allows white to steer the game into a Maroczy Bind set-up. Chess opinion says that this set-up should be better for white and leaves black struggling to equalize. But hang on, isn't this true as well with all black opening defences anyway? I personally prefer to face the Maroczy than facing the accuracy required to play the Yugoslav attack in the real Dragon, or the Rossolimo Bb5+. Play against the Maroczy Bind I think is safer as the black king is not surrounded by immediate attacks as with most Sicilian variations. Play is more strategical and though a little passive, there are still opportunities for creative play as in the following annotated game of mine.

The game is from an email correspondent chess here at chess.com. From my experience, most white players don't go for the Maroczy Bind Set-up. I think this is because it lacks tactical nuances compared with other open Sicilians. So let's see one of my game using the Hyper Accelerated move order. To really follow the game do not rush flicking through the moves. Try to read all the remarks move by move.

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