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Not Afraid of the Maroczy Bind!

Not Afraid of the Maroczy Bind!

Aug 8, 2009, 8:17 PM 2

Good day, my blog readers!

Today is yet another interesting game using the Hyper Accelerated Dragon move order. Apparently, the drawback of the move order allows White to achieve a Maroczy Bind set-up with 4.c4 which makes it harder for black to free his position by the pawn thrust ...d5. But I personally who plays the black side don't get too annoyed by the somewhat slow and quiet character of the resulting positions. I actually feel more safer to face the Maroczy Bind than facing the Yugoslav Attack where white has more aggressive attacking moves available where black is more compelled to play accurately or suffer being checkmated early.

As it would be as always in my blog posts, there are basically 3 parts. First, as above,is an introduction, then to follow is the illustrative game and the last part would be my suggested references so you can further investigate the topic at hand and hopefully make you a stronger chess player.

The game that I am going to share here is another 5 min blitz game. Here I want to show how most white players are not really familiar with the subtleties of the opening with a Maroczy Bind set-up. Most white players are more familiar with other open Sicilians.

Referrences I am recommending for this topic are:

There are more games to follow and I think more exciting than the one posted here in the future. So dont forget to bookmark my blog here so you wont miss them in my next posts.

Thank you.

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