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    • A Match for a Drink - Gm 2

      A friend and I are playing a match for a drink.  I need to win 4 and he only needs to win 1.  Here is game 2. | Read More

    • A stunted attack - World Open Gm 5

      I feel like I had a winning position and blew it... what do you think? | Read More

    • World Open Gm 1

      My first match didn't go well.  I'm not just referring to the fact that I lost, I just didn't make great decisions.  Was it the nerves? Was it low blood sugar? Probably just got beat (this time).   My draw was against the highest rated player ... | Read More

    • World Open - before it begins

      I've arrived at the World Open chess event an hour early.  I tried to take my time this morning: washed dishes, made lunch, browsed the internet, took the long route to the convention center. But now, I find myself waiting.  Its time to prepare ... | Read More

    • Gaining space is restricting someone else

      I won tonight at the Mainline chess club against a player rated almost 200 points higher.  We were the last to finish, but this time the crowd around me didn't make me nervous—my position was clearly winning. The game wasn't easy.  Closed the... | Read More

    • Learning... "process"

      This is the fourth time I've analyzed this game in the last two nights—and it is still embarrassing.  Everyone misses moves, but this game shows two "misses" that should never happen. Ever! I can not expect to improve unless I can learn a "proc... | Read More

    • Main Line Chess - MidSummer Rd 1

      Tough match tonight.  I was paired with Larry Saxby who is rated just over 2000.  However, I had a strong showing. | Read More

    • Main Line Chess Spring Swiss 2010 Rd3

      Here is a game from the other night. I wrote comments. | Read More