Main Line Chess - MidSummer Rd 1

Tough match tonight.  I was paired with Larry Saxby who is rated just over 2000.  However, I had a strong showing.


  • 6 years ago


    Thanks.  Send me a note if you post some of those games.  I'd love to see them... especially some of the French Defs... I haven't seen that too many times around here and I want to prepare myself for the World Open.

  • 6 years ago


    Great game! After a lousy start you pretty much demonstrated that he didn't have too much play. I agree with your assessment of Nb4, which allowed Nc3. Instead, why not Bd3 plugging all entry squares for the rook, following which you trade. Your QGD seems rather typical and instructive-the motifs, Nc4, a3, hole on b3, etc. I will post some of my QGDs and Frenches with these motifs sometime. Also, the blockade on c3 in the end looked deceptively bad because of all the pawns being on the same color as the bishop. But as you point out, Qf3 nips it.

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