World Open Gm 1

Jul 2, 2010, 2:54 PM |

My first match didn't go well.  I'm not just referring to the fact that I lost, I just didn't make great decisions.  Was it the nerves? Was it low blood sugar? Probably just got beat (this time).  

My draw was against the highest rated player in my division.  He was late because his ride got lost. I started as usual with the queen pawn opening but people are too prepared for that opening (better than me... I need more study on the opening). I watched videos (the whole Sam Shankland queen's gambit series on and gone through games but what I really need to do is go through each move and decide what my response should be. I need to be at a level where I stay in theory until I want to exit.  That will only come with good study.

This game also fell into the problem that has been my problem this last month.  Leaving an isolated pawn, trying desperately to defend it, ending up losing the pawn plus material and later the game.  I need to a way to let a pawn fall and gain the initiative.

Another concept that I'm learning is remembering sequences on the next move.  I look at lines on one move.  But the next I seem not to see it–ignoring the danger.  Once I realize the problem again... it is too late.  I saw it coming but then forgot on the next move.