Algebraic Notation

Algebraic Notation

Jun 30, 2015, 4:25 PM |


Tonight is the City Speed Chess Championship (RR, G/5; d/0, $10 entry, prizes, unrated) finale!  NM Josh Bloomer went unbeaten in the Qualifier and just has to get past 5 challengers in the Championship section to tie the mark for most titles.

This Friday is the IHOP Quick (4SS, G/24; d/5, $5 entry, prizes, Quick-rated).

Also, the USCF sent me this reminder about the CO Chess Festival:

The events shown below are ones that have been or will be advertised in Chess Life or Chess Life for Kids:

Date Event Location TLA in Affiliate
2015-09-04 2015 Colorado Chess Festival: Colorado Open & Colorado Quick Championships Greenwood Village CO 2015-08 CL T5016398

Here is this week's position.  It is black to move.

2015 June Mating Game

See the diagram and answer here:

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2015 Calendar Of Events for the Colorado Springs Chess Club:

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Algebraic Notation

[Event "June Mating Game"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2015.06.16"]
[Round "3.5"]
[White "Stroh, Clark"]
[Black "Williams, Scott"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "D02"]
[WhiteElo "1178"]
[BlackElo "1338"]
[PlyCount "94"]
[EventDate "2015.06.09"]
[TimeControl "1800"]
1. d4 c6 2. Nf3 d5 3. Bf4 Nd7 4. c4 dxc4 5. e3 h6
6. Nc3 Ngf6 7. h3 e6 8. Bxc4 Bb4 9. O-O b5 10. Bb3 Bxc3 11. bxc3 Ne4 12. Qc2
Ng5 13. Qe2 Ba6 14. Rad1 Nxf3+ 15. Qxf3 b4 16. Rfe1 bxc3 17. Bd6 Nf6 18. Bb4
Rb8 19. Bxc3 O-O 20. e4 Re8 21. e5 Nd5 22. Bb2 Qg5 23. Bc1 Qf5 24. Qg3 Qg6 25.
Qh2 Nc3 26. Rd2 Ne4 27. Rb2 Ng5 28. h4 Nf3+ 29. Kh1 Nxh2 30. Kxh2 Qg4 31. Re3
Bf1 32. Rg3 Qxd4 33. Kg1 Ba6 34. Rd2 Qxe5 35. Rd1 Rb4 36. Rh3 Re4 37. Be3 Be2
38. Rc1 Bg4 39. Rg3 Rd8 40. Re1 Qh5 41. Bc2 Rc4 42. Bb3 Rd3 43. Bxc4 Rd8 44.
Bg5 hxg5 45. hxg5 Qxg5 46. Re4 Qc1+ 47. Bf1 Rd1 0-1

Peace be with you,
Paul Anderson, Chess Coach
Cell: 719-310-9635