I Told The Pope To Resign

I Told The Pope To Resign

Feb 14, 2013, 4:24 PM |


Happy Valentines Day!  I have started another year of newsletters.  Hope you enjoy them!

The club's Cabin Fever Reliever saw 10 players join.  You can still join for $5 and get 2 rated games for the conclusion next week.  You can even have a 0.5 bye for the early rounds.

All participants earn points for the new Tuesday Night Chess Tour!  So far, there is a 10-way tie for 1st place!

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1. Game Of The Week: I Told The Pope To Resign
2. This Week In Chess:  Cabin Fever Reliever Results
3. Game Viewer: Mark McGough v Paul Anderson ( http://cschess.webs.com/ )
4. Video:  Rush On Chess (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBgie2cBTDE)

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ps - Newsletter preview with pgn:

Fly By Night

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

"It's time I was King now, not just one more Pawn." (D. Grusin, G. Lee, N. Peart).

I am back for another year of chess news and games.  During the offseason, I set my record for peak rating (USCF 2044). 

Part of the reason for my continued growth has to be playing Alex Torres hundreds of blitz games at the chess club.  As key master, I have to open and close the club, and Alex is like Norm Peterson to my Sam Malone.  He is there when I open it up, and he is there when I close it down late into the night after everyone has left. 

He also has the ability to forget all his losses.  I beat him 20 games in a row and then lose one, and he rejoices, "I am King of the world!"  It is one of the reasons he has gotten good.

Of course, our late night blitz matches has seemed to make my USCF rating soar.  So, I will be sharing some of the games that I play this year, trying to fly over the 2100 peak.  Hope you enjoy them!



Game Of The Week
This week's game comes from the club's Cabin Fever Reliever.  Tim Brennan wanted to renew his TD certificate.  So, the club let him direct this tournament to get his requirements met.  It also meant that he will be playing in this event and bringing some of his fan club out to play as well.

Unfortunately, that means I might have to suffer through one of Tim's never surrender, one-sided, bloodbath games where he plays on despite all hope being gone.  He disagrees with me that chess players should learn the art of resignation.  He thinks that just because I tell people that they should resign, that they will take it wrong.

Ok, l agree that learning when to resign is not easy.  People will make mistakes.  Someone may resign when they have mate in 1.  It is possible, but mistakes are a key part to growth in assessing a chess position correctly.

I admit,  "I told the pope to resign," and that advice went badly.  But you should have seen his position.  Certainly, I should have been clearer that I meant our chess game when I yelled at him about how badly he had messed things up and that only a novice would go now.  Hindsight is 20/20.  At least, now we have more time for lessons.

Anyway, here is a position from my game with Mark McGough.  I was black and found a nice line to get Mark to resign early...

Your Generated Chess Board


[Event "Cabin Fever Reliever"]
[Site "http://cschess.webs.com/"]
[Date "2013.02.12"]
[Round "1.1"]
[White "McGough, Mark"]
[Black "Anderson, Paul"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "A23"]
[PlyCount "50"]
[EventDate "2013.02.12"]
[TimeControl "1800"]
1. c4 c6 2. Nc3 Nf6 3. g3 e5 4. Bg2 Be7 5. d4
exd4 6. Qxd4 d6 7. Nf3 O-O 8. O-O Nbd7 9. Bf4 Nc5 10. Qd1 Re8 11. b4 Ne6 12.
Be3 Ng4 13. Bd2 Ne5 14. Qb3 Nxf3+ 15. exf3 Nd4 16. Qd1 Bf5 17. Ne4 d5 18. cxd5
cxd5 19. Nc5 Bc2 20. Qe1 Bxc5 21. Be3 Bb6 22. Qd2 Qf6 23. Bxd4 Bxd4 24. Rac1
Ba4 25. f4 Rad8 0-1

Peace be with you,
Paul Anderson
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