Nothing Is Over!

Nothing Is Over!

Jul 15, 2012, 6:42 AM |


I am so mad I just can hardly contain myself.  I finally saw Tim Brennan's recent article posted on his website, and I wanted to address some of the tactics he is using to trick chess players into never resigning.

1.  Lies - My blitz game "drawing Jeff Baffo" was a win.
2.  Distortion - My blitz game "blundering a queen" was actually a queen trade for 2 bishops
2.  Using Outdated Information - the reference to my "1900s" rating was updated by the USCF to more accurately reflect my true ability with a clearly implied apology:,com_wrapper/Itemid,181/ (check round 3 opponent!)

On a sad note, Colorado Springs chess is losing a lot of its chess talent to college and Florida.  Our only 2200+ rated player, Josh Bloomer is moving to Florida and 3 class A scholastic players are heading off to college (Rhett Langseth, Jason Loving, and Katie Wise).  The Colorado Springs Chess Club has decided to send them off in style at our "Going Away Simul" next Tuesday night, July 24th at our Something Different event:

Josh Bloomer has agreed to come and play the simul.  It will be free and start at 8pm. 

If everyone could help me let Rhett, Jason, and Katie know they are invited as special guests, I would love to have them all there as well.

I have 3 promotional chess items for the special guests that I thought they could do a Yankee Swap for.  However, if anyone has a chess item they would like to donate (in case all 4 show up), let me know.

Peace be with you,

Paul Anderson

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[Today I viewed an article that Tim Brennan's website ( is sending out.  I have to express my deep disappointment that he is continuing to share false and discredited blogs with information that is not true to the chess players of Colorado.  He says one thing in podcasts and then he turns around and does this. Shame on you, Tim Brennan!]
There is a dangerous “mind virus” being propagated by Paul Anderson, and his ilk, here in the chess community of Colorado Springs...

[Event "June Panera"]
[Site ""]
[Site "Colorado Springs"]
[Date "2011.06.02"]
[Round "1.1"]
[White "Wise, Katie"]
[Black "Anderson, Paul"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B07"]
[WhiteElo "1815"]
[BlackElo "1938"]
[PlyCount "38"]
[EventDate "2011.06.02"]
[TimeControl "5400"]
1. e4 c6 2. d4 g6 3. Nf3 Bg7 4. Bd3 d6 5. h3 Nf6 6.
O-O O-O 7. c4 Na6 8. Re1 Nd7 9. Bg5 c5 10. Bf1 cxd4 11. Nbd2 Qe8 12. Nh2 e5 13.
f4 f6 14. Bh4 Ndc5 15. Bg3 Bd7 16. Rb1 Nb4 17. Ndf3 Nxa2 18. Qd2 a5 19. Nh4 Bc6