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The King

The King

Jun 16, 2014, 1:48 PM 0


The CSCC's annual June event, The June Mating Game, continues this week.  You can still join for just $5 and get 2 USCF-rated games (G30d5) and a 1/2 point for the previous rounds!  Supporting Members still get in free and the club adds $5 to the prize fund for your entry.

This week's position comes from my email battle with my dad in honor of Father's Day.  Happy Belated Father's Day to all the chess dads out there!

Last week it was black to move and so is this week:

See the diagram and answer here:


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2014 Calendar Of Events for the Colorado Springs Chess Club:


For additional events, see the following websites:

Denver Chess Club: DCC (http://www.denverchess.com)
Colorado State Chess Association: CSCA (http://colorado-chess.com/)
Wyoming Chess Association: WCA (http://www.wyomingchess.com/)

Peace be with you,
Paul Anderson, Chess Coach
Cell: 719-310-9635

Email: cschess@live.com
Website:  http://cschess.webs.com/ 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoSpringsChessNews
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The King

[Event "9-10-6"]
[Site "http://cschess.webs.com/"]
[Date "2001.09.15"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Anderson, Douglas"]
[Black "Anderson, Paul"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "C96"]
[PlyCount "111"]
[EventDate "2001.06.04"]
[TimeControl "0"]
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7
6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 d6 8. c3 O-O 9. h3 Na5 10. Bc2 c5 11. d4 Nd7 12. Nbd2 cxd4 13.
cxd4 Nc6 14. Nb3 a5 15. Be3 a4 16. Nbd2 Ba6 17. Rc1 Rc8 18. d5 Nb4 19. Bb1 f5
20. a3 f4 21. axb4 fxe3 22. Rxe3 Qb6 23. Rec3 Kh8 24. Bd3 Ra8 25. Qe2 Ra7 26.
Nb1 Rb7 27. Na3 Nb8 28. Rc8 Bd8 29. Ng5 Re7 30. Ne6 Rxe6 31. dxe6 Bxc8 32. Rxc8
Nc6 33. Bxb5 Nd4 34. Qe3 Qb7 35. Bd7 h6 36. b5 Be7 37. Rxf8+ Bxf8 38. Kf1 d5
39. f3 Bb4 40. Qd3 dxe4 41. Qxe4 Qxe4 42. fxe4 Kg8 43. Nc4 Kf8 44. Ne3 a3 45.
bxa3 Bxa3 46. Nd5 Nb3 47. b6 Na5 48. Ke2 g6 49. Kf3 Bc5 50. Kg4 Ba3 51. h4 Nb7
52. h5 g5 53. Kf5 Be7 54. Kg6 Nc5 55. Kxh6 Bd8 56. Kg6 1-0

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