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3 Player Newport Simul

Dec 18, 2013, 1:16 PM 5

Ok this was a local fun event that 3 of the counties top players took part in. Taking on numerous boards all at once and rotating turns on each round of moves. Nothing to play for but pride and to try and not blunder to badly. The 3 players involved boasted a very good record agianst me personally having never beaten 2 of the 3 over normal speed chess, but this would be a totally different scenario and so it proved, notably afew questionable moves but as one of the strongest players on the opposite side of the board knew I would be one that they would want to beat. The strongest player taking part was the first dispatched sorry Nathanael :-) in under 10 moves  . I myself went on to be one of just 3 winners on the night , which I must admit I was happy about, not sure I would have liked to say all 3 had beat me in one night not sure my ego would have taken it in the right way, one of the other winners was a fellow Lion and played a superb game of chess Steve Tarr the other winner Chris Paul former Lion but now Newport player (clearly taught him all he knows).

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