Cox trophy 2014

Jun 12, 2014, 1:03 PM |

Well I missed the first round match which just happened to pit our first team against our B team. No shocks this time.

12-May-2014, Priorslee Lions A v Priorslee Lions B: 3.5 - 0.5
A Zdanowski 1, M Morrison 0; G Pugh 1, G White 0; J O'Neil 0.5, M Carbin 0.5; S Tarr 1, Default 0.

Second round we were pitted against Shrewsbury A on paper this was always going to be a close match especially as they play on a Friday night and we lose one our top players, However this didn't prove to be to much of a problem when we turned up on the night to find they were 2 first teamers light.

31-May-2014, Shrewsbury A v Priorslee Lions A: 1.5 - 2.5
F Best 0, A Zdanowski 1; D Everington 0.5, W Bates 0.5; I Salter 1, G Pugh 0; N O'Connor 0, S Tarr 1

So somewhat surprizingly we found ourselves competing in the final. The favourites and league winners were in our half of the draw but the second seeds Newport after a scare of there own had won they're way through to the final. After a somewhat nerve jangling night, I am pleased to state we upset the odds and although the match finished 2-2 on the night the way it's worked out we won the trophy.


Priorslee Lions v Newport A Cox Trophy played at neutral venue.

A Zdanowski 1 (166) N Rutter 0 (201)

G Pugh 0 (161) G Cooper 1 (183)

W Bates (164) 1 N Paul 0 (170)

J O'Neil (158) 0 C Lewis 1 (150)

Priorslee win on board elimination