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First game of the Season

Sep 19, 2012, 12:56 PM 1


Ok the new over the board chess season kicked off the other night, I turned up at the club expecting just to shuffle some piece around the board and not really think about anything. Things turned out rather differently after Jim informed me that the club individual was ready to go. From the opening I was playing absolutely rubbish and Jim could'nt believe his luck ,I really was'nt in the mood for a big showdown but as the game went on I became more alert and Jim started to feel the pressure of the clock ticking and what looked an overwhelming positional advantage dwindle away into a lost game. A typical strange game from myself and Jim was left scratching his head trying to analyse the game convinced he missed a win, well if he did it's to late. The result is in, a win to me and a big win against the second equal highest rated player in the competition. A fantastic result for me as im trying to defend my club championship crown.

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