Ludlow V Priorslee Lions


Ludlow is a trek nearly an hour drive out into the sticks and I was feeling absolutely terrible , but too late to find a replacement. Forced to play I just thought at least itgives the team the best chance of winning even if I lose.

Well arrived with plenty of time and thanks to a well heated room I was starting to feel a little better if not anywhere near right.

The way the boards were set up made it difficult to see any of the game and was at least an hour before I felt well enough to have a quick look round.

I could see from Adrians expression he was doing ok without even looking at the board. But Steve on 3 looked drawish , Glyn on 4 drawish and Gary's drawish what was going on because if we were to win we needed results on the lower boards. Any way about 30 minutes passed before I decided to give my game away with an outright blunder but with the other games so tight I just thought keep playing plus I got the feeling I was playing a rather passive player having never played him before. Well as players started to wonder looking at boards I was shaking my head to give the signal I was lost. I saw Adrian go get a drink and for a change was super relaxed that could only mean he was winning. Well if my blunder was bad my opponent decided he could top it and gift me a undeserved victory, as I finished so did Steve and Adrian suddenly it was 3-0 match won then quickly Glyn to punctured his opponents position and made it 4-0 finally Gary finished with a draw. But I was still not focused on the score , I knew we had won but only on leaving did I actually know the final match score. 4.5-0.5 and putting us top at least for one more day.

0.5 - 4.5
R Croot (170)0, A Zdanowski (170)1; D Bucknell(160) 0, W Bates (158)1; J Preece (128)0, S Tarr (148)1; R Woodley(130) 0, G Pugh (157)1; P Munday (111)0.5, G White (129) 0.5.