Priorlee v Oswestry

Mar 1, 2016, 12:47 AM |

Well this turned out to be an absolute car crash of a match not only for myself but the team also. My opponent was 10 minutes late not that had any barings on the game I had lost in under an hour after a school boy error, yes the posistion wasn't great but was far from terminal. Adrian on one was having a close tussle with his opponent , Glyn for what seems his hundreth game in arow against Richard Bryant was playing the french winawer. I was unaware how the other games were going until I had lost Steve was not in a great posistion but his opponent had sacraficed a piece for 2 pawns so if Steve could hold on he would bring it home, Munroe was level but posistional winning easily, well it was a while before any development and it was Munroe taking a draw unable to convert his advantage, it didn't take much analysis to see how easy a win was.Steve had lost the piece and was just simply lost, Glyn was having a mad game unclear to who was better and Adrian by this time knowing that the team was in trouble but with no advantage in his game. Well Steve fell and Adrian was in no posistion to turn down a draw offer sealing the defeat ,just left Glyn playing a pawn up but short of time and looked drawn on the board and thats how it finished so a terrible night in all finished 3.5-1.5 but the title is well and truely gone and worse than that my own record has come to an end 26 undefeated in Shropshire competitions last loss prior was 31/03/2014 Frown and what a sorry way to lose it like a total beginner.

1.5 - 3.5
A Zdanowski 0.5, B Whyte 0.5; G Pugh 0.5, R Bryant 0.5; W Bates 0, C Higgie 1; S Tarr 0, D Bennion 1; M Morrison 0.5, G Ives 0.5.