Priorslee A v Shifnal and Telford

Nov 19, 2013, 6:19 AM |

A strange night of chess were optimism changed to pessimism and then to relief. the two teams were named and straight away we were given a boost their top board missing and having to field a reserve on bottom board against inform Steve. However to make things more of a leveller Adrain was due to arrive late and was always going to be 30/40 mines down on the clock from the off and to make this worse the missing board one would work to their advantage as it moved Nazif up a board and he is very rapid sharp player this was certain to add pressure to Adrian, it also meant I was facing a player that is in the minority, one that I have never beat in the Shropshire league.

Well with my limited view of how things were going on the other boards it actually meant me spending more time looking at my own game than usual and I was playing pretty much a mainline opening hoping that the other boards would yield results before any decision had to made in my own game. 30 minutes gone still no sign of Adrian, glyn on 3 was playing an aggressive dutch defence and was looking very comfortable, i could just see Jims game and could see that Richard had walked into one of jims pet lines in his Scotch which meant he was always going to be on the back foot. I couldn't see what was happening on 5 not a game I would have wanted to watch anyway with both Steve and Roger both very careful and slow moving players. However I can't be sure if it was just before or just after Adrian arrived that Richard signalled to me that board 5 was over, but not the result I had expected Roger had won and from what I was told in good fashion and with surprizing speed, ( often give Roger some stick over his what I term boring slow chess so have to say a special welldone for his speedy victory) 0-1 down and Adrian down dramatically on the clock was trying to catch some time back up, no chance against Nazif and Adrian played a terrible move and was lost from about move 7 he did carry it on for some considerable time but he had nothing and could move nothing without making his position worse. indeed it was Adrians game that was second to finish and it was to make the match score 0-2. it was at this point I must admit to feeling a little pressure not something I normally get, as I hoped Jim was winning, I could see glyn was doing alright but no material advantage and indeed I was doing ok but no material advantage. Should I attack and risk all or sit and wait for something more conclusive to happen in the other 2 games? well Jim was third to finish and some relief he had been able to win and Richard openly said he had been second best from about move 4 . 1-2 the match score and somewhat deja vu on the remaining boards both me and glyn were slightly better and both well up on the clock but by no means certain of winning. Although there were less pieces on my board it had become a game where I doubted the wisdom of going the exchange up, but there were a lot of tactics going on something that when Im  playing ok im quite good at, the time pressure was starting to play its part also, i don't know if it was that or not, just seemed that John had finally cracked under the constant pressure and rather than resign just played a losing move. for a change I was not in the mood for charity and completed the game to make the match 2-2. finally and it's becoming a habit Glyn's game with a fair amount of material still on the board and Richard struggling this was going to complete the turn around. Suddenly everyone was aware of a Queen e1 checking and attacking unprotected rook on h4, Knight block on f1 and Glyn would then pick up a rook for nothing game over, gasp as glyn only pushed his Queen to e3 he had missed the rook hanging but no fear his move was still a strong one and resulted in afew minutes of Richard thinking before he resigned 3-2 and a very hard fought victory.


A Zdanowski (169) 0 N Nazif (170) 1

W Bates (168) 1 J Footner (156) 0

G Pugh (159) 1 R Thompson (142) 0

J O'Neil (158) 1 R Gillespie (139) 0

S Tarr (152) 0 R Brown (109) 1