Priorslee v Telepost A

Oct 9, 2013, 4:55 AM |

Well after a very bad start to the season 2 defeats from 2 we were due to play one of the preseason favourites. Already knowing Adrian was unable to play, I got to the club to find we were also going to be without Andy. This was going to be a really big task even with two able replacements Gary and Munroe.

When Telepost arrived I must admit I was pleased to see that they were also far from the strength they could have been, a quick prediction I fancied us to win board 3,4 and 5 and hopeful that me and Glyn could also get something out of the top 2.

As ever predictions were wrong! I was quickly in a mess and always on the back foot against Nigel after I confused myself with the opening, with my confidence already on the floor playing poor moves against good players is not the way to improve the situation.

Glyn and Richard on 2 for the 3rd game running went into the French Winawer, score one each but both wins for white and Glyn had the white pieces again tonight.Jim on 3 had gone into one of his pet openings so was always in control from the start. I didn't get to see anything from the Munroe game on 4 but was told he was doing ok through out and on board 5 Gary was once again playing his  b6 opening to everything.

Well it didn't take long for me to lose my game, again very weak endgame play but I just can't seem to play at a decent level at the moment baffling to myself and fellow team mates. Next to finish was Gary on board 5 played a devastating game of chess against poor John Westhead who must have left scracthing his head as to what had hit him, Gary winning without ever moving his Queen.(would have been a much better game to have, had on this blog). With the match tied at 1-1 a quick check on the remaining games suggested the night was definately going to end in victory for us board 2 was very complicated and unclear as to who was winning , Jim was a piece for a pawn up on 3 and Munroe was positionally better on 4. Took a while for the 3 result but it was Jim who had comfortably converted his material advantage into victory, but while that had been going on Munroe with still a slight advantage over the board had started to get himself in time trouble, a deciding factor as he went on to lose 2-2 and everyones attention on the remaining game. Glyn v Richard both players under 10 minutes on the clocks and no one convinced who was winning with both players pieces seemingly either covering or attacking every square on the board, a very complicated position even Nigel shoulder shrugging. But it was Glyn who was to come out victorious when ironically it was Richard who had gone in for the kill and set a trap to win the game ended up losing when Glyn cleverly changed the move order and left Richard in a hopeless position. Glyn obviously delighted with the win but also the knowing that he had secured the teams shock victory and the teams first win of the season.

W Bates 168 0 N Ferrington 186 1

G Pugh 159 1 R Bryant  184 0

J O'Neil 158 1 M Clarke 139 0

M Morrison 132 0 K Tabner 139 1

G White 136 1 J Westhead 120 0