Shifnal Telford B V Priorslee Lions

Nov 6, 2012, 5:48 AM |

There will be few occassions this season when we as a team go into a match out grading our opponents on all boards and realistically could hope for a big win. With hopes of the white wash on our minds we arrived to find they had given us  a 1-0 lead by defaulting bottom board and no Richard Thompson on top board. The games all started and my opponent having crossed swords in the Shropshire quickplay tournament had learned a fair amount about my style of  play and had no intention of entering into a slugfest instead he gained an early advantage and quickly agreed a draw dissapointing result on paper for myself but finally putting an end to my loosing run. Not long to wait in a shock quick game on board 4 Steve had beaten Roger anyone having played Roger would be amazed just how quick the game was :-) 2.5 - 0.5 and with little over 105 minutes played the result was clearly going to be a win to us Andy the exchange up and just needing to simplify the position and Glyn well a slight advantage on the board but a huge advantage on the clock. Andy did the trick after afew attempts by Stefan to make it difficult and Glyn increasingly getting better over the board won on time, but even if he had'nt had reached the stage where he would have won. A great result for us and they're biggest defeat of the season so far. The closest game again being my dissapointing form.



W Bates    0.5    S Maydew 0.5

G Pugh       1       W Peck     0

A Tunks      1       S Tennant 0

S Tarr         1      R Brown     0

G White      1      Default      0