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Simul V K Arkell

Simul V K Arkell

Feb 7, 2018, 2:35 AM 0

Well after much persuasion from the organiser I finally decided to play in this event held at Newport chess club. It turned out to be 18 boards and a various levels of player.

After agreeing to take part there was no way I was going to change my usual opening which would put me straight in the firing line of Keith's favourite opening and as it happens mine to play against, a bit of banter from Nathaneal Paul but secretly desperation to see me destroyed by the caro-yawn was not going to stop me playing e4 and seeing if indeed it would be c6. I even thought about looking up something but in the end just thought whats the point he is going to know it better than me and Im just going to end up confusing myself, just play what I know. Well as it turned out it was abit of a carofest as 3 boards in a row all got it Nathaneal, Chris and then mine and a big grin from Keith unusual in simuls because masters tend to not play the same thing on boards next to each other. All eyes on Nathaneal's boards as he was first in the line as it was I didn't like his 4th move ,Chris played something different too and I thought it would be rude not to follow suit so we all opted for a different 4th move and all games took to the style of our play .Nathaneal more methodical , Chris trying to tie up pieces with pins and complications and mine well just a burst of aggression before damp squib, But it was an enjoyable game at least maybe with a bit more care I could have proved a tad more difficult to beat but I cant help myself I play in these more for the giggle than the game itself. Just in this case hindsight has been bugging me that maybe I could have had a result too.



Obviously move 21. was premature (Re1 looks better)  and after sacraficing the piece it was all abit of wishful thinkning but none the less I was pleased with the game some good ideas, that nearly came off.


Well done to Keith for recording 17-1 scoreline and to Phil Zabrocki for the only winner on the night 

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