Telepost A v Priorslee lions

Nov 6, 2012, 6:42 AM |

Well from the expectant win of the last match back to reality the clear aim of this match try and upset the favourites and current League champions Not the easiest of task as they are in form and have won all the previous matches and on paper an easy win for them.

Having said all that I really fancied my chances and probably for the first time this season atually felt well going into the game. They arrived with a slightly under strength team which did give us a chance but we to were still without Jim and Steve our inform player absent too, which ment Gary on 4 and George on 5 the only problem being Gary had forgotten and was sat at home, when he did turn up he had under an hour for his moves. On 2 Glyn was playing a French no one had ever seen Richard play that before  and Glyn knows that particular line inside out, I glanced at 3 and Andy too had Phil on the rack not materially but positionally and I too was enjoying an unusually confused Nigel on one. As usual it was my game to finish first and as well as it had started finished as badly Nigel easily winning a pawn and knight against pawn and bishop end game. On analysis just seemed I rushed into soon instead of developing material and Nigel had some how blundered onto the move that gave him the advantage, he had looked at a line that I just could'nt play because I knew it lost but he had though I could , how annoying a player of his ability fluking a good move but after that there was no fluke my game crumbled and Nigel dispatched me with ease.

Gary although late to arrive finish next with a credible draw considering his time handicap 1.5-05 then came the result we didnt want George lost on 5 it was the board we really hoped to win because they too had drafted in a sub 2.5 - 0.5 Glyn was as predicted in the better position and was to close out the victory 2.5 - 1.5 well Andy had started well but like in my game had switched off and in the blink of an eye lost the advantage and turned it into a lost game 3.5-1.5 on paper an expected result but maybe with them not having a full strength team a chance missed.


W Bates  (167) 0   N Ferrington (201)1

G Pugh(158)     1   R Bryant(182)         0

A Tunks(139)   0    P Zabrocki(180)     1

G White(126)  0.5  K Tabner(136)       0.5

G Viszokai(119) 0  V Crean(130)        1