Telepost A V Priorslee lions

Dec 15, 2015, 1:25 AM |

For the second match in arow we were playing the new league leaders needing a win to to catch them up last time Church stretton and this time Telepost. Telepost had fielded a weakened team in their last match and still bagged the points however we were pretty sure they would be rolling out their strongest team and we were proved correct. The matches themselves were all quick on one Adrain and Nigel were playing grandmaster chess book to move 100 yawn and obviously was going tot result in afew tricky moments but finish a draw. Glyn on 2 had played a french defence and somehow confused Phil into a move order mistake or just outright blunder taken Phil's f2 pawn and was chasing an uncastled king around very early on in the game. I too was facing a french which had started the same as board 2 until i decide to wait 10 minutes to see what line was being played there and not follow it, mine turned into what looked like it could become a dull game into explosive chess. Steve on 4 was playing his hungarian he quickly made a mess of Johns posistion, giving him 2 sets of isolated doubled pawns on the e and c files , early but obviously get it to an endgame and Steve would easily mop up, finally on 5 yet another French but this was a much more classical (boring game). I think I was first to finish just and the explosive game had gone bang for my opponent 0-1 it wasn't much longer  the dominoes Adrian, Glyn and Munroe all finishing near enough together, they had done enough on 1 to draw, Glyn had crushed Phil on 2 not something Ive seen happen often and Munroe even though slighly better had agreed a draw to give us the match and it was only 9:40 the score now 1-3 we needed a draw to go top on goal difference , but Steve was playing grinding chess and working on his advantage all the time , although John had set himself a mate up on the board he was never going to get to play it either Steve would see the winning combination or he would take a draw there was no escape for John and Steve topped off an all round excellent night for us 1-4.

1 - 4
N Ferrington 0.5, A Zdanowski 0.5; P Zabrocki 0, G Pugh 1; M Clark 0, W Bates 1; J Bashall 0, S Tarr 1; S Kempsell 0.5, M Morrison 0.5.