Telepost B v Priorslee lions.

Nov 13, 2012, 2:36 PM |

Ok this was another match that we actually went in as favourites on paper. But in chess things are never certain and with myself badly out of form and playing some of the worst chess I can ever remember playing,and knowing that once again we were going to have to field 2 reserves maybe our optomism would be misplaced.

Upon arrival we were met by as many of our own club players as opposition this was a simple case of 2 matches being played our A team against there B and a clash between our 2 C teams.

We were moved into the usual room and the C team outside which is a slightly noiser environment. 

AS the teams were confirmed there was some good news, the good news was that they were also very light on the bottom boards and made our 2 reserves favourites to win.

The games all started quickly and although my opponent had tried to tempt me to throw pawns at him I had some how resisted the urge. The game was being played at blitz speed and I decided to slow it down abit by taking a walk to watch the B team for 20 minutes, maybe seen as gamesmanship but anyone that knows me knows I play quickly. When I returned to the room I was shocked to see Andy on Board 3 an exchange down and facing a great attack, the bottom 2 boards pretty even but both our players having slighly better position. I retook my seat to witness an incredible game on board 2 Glyn had taken a pawn maybe poisoned maybe not and that had inturn encouraged his opponent to sacrafice 2 pieces in a stunning attack, I was more interested in this game than my own and my opponent had already slowed down and was now really starting to run his clock down. Andy was consolidating but was still the exchange down I decided that maybe I would take the chance to avoid moving and wait on the outcomes of these 2 games. Glyn was slowly dodging bullets but to my horror rejecting a forced piece swap that simplified into a clear win. I was still moving but my game had draw slight edge to me all the time and with the clock advantage I was never going to lose but would I need to win it ? Finally the bold play of Clark against Glyn was clear he had pushed his g pawn and exposed his King I could see the easy win and although it took about 20 minutes for it to get played out Glyn had seen it too. 1-0 and all the pressure off I had a glance at the bottom boards and George was better Gary still level but in the better position. I started to pile the pressure on my opponent both on the board and by moving quickly I had noticed the concerned look on his face regarding him entering his last 10 minutes, within no more than 5 minutes of Glyns game finishing my opponent resigned 2-0. Andy by now was starting to build up a strong attack of his own things were going our way.

I joined Glyn outside to analyse his game shortly George came out and declared that he had won on 5 ,Glyn had started a domino effect and next out the door was Andy also confirming his victory 4-0 only Gary still playing and the outcome in the bag it was a fullhouse as he too won 5-0, with our primary objective being to stay in the division within a couple of weeks we had virtually assured that by beating the 2 weakest teams on paper and our rivals for relegation but not only had we beaten them we had scored 9.5 out 10 against them too. Job welldone.

A side note was that also our C team picked up their first win of the season too.

Priorslee lions  V Telepost B

W Bates(169) 1 N Kiffin (149) 0

G Pugh(158)1 M Clark (136) 0

A Tunks(139) 1 J Westhead(124) 0

G White(126)1 C Micallef(118)0

G Viszokai(119)1 J Casewell(90)0