Telepost V Priorslee lions

Feb 13, 2014, 4:18 AM |

Well this was a match that would result in yet another change at the top of the table. We had beaten them earlier in the season but as one of the 2 main faqvourites for the league title we knew this was going to be a huge task to repeat that victory.

As it turned out it was a very dissapointing night of chess from our team.

Adrian on 1 had got into a messy position and was going to be about could he hold out for a draw with opposite coloured bishops. I was not really in the mood for playing, but had planned on playing a nice dull and boring game , but habits die hard and a crazy few moves early had developed into a strange posistion. Jim had swapped for this match on to board 3 to play his nemesis on previous occassions Jim had been in a better position and gone onto lose, yet again they were to play the same opening . I didn't really get to see what was going on 4 til later in the match and on 5 George our standby player was playing aggressively against Keith Tabner.

It was early on that I blundered into a cheap trap ironically it was an idea I was trying to set up for my opponent and i walked into the same thing myself, leaving me with a hopeless position.

I quickly surveyed the state of play on the other boards, this was not good viewing Adrian was getting squeezed on one and struggling two hold on, but still had a little hope, Jim too was in trouble yet again the plan on playing the same opening had backfired. At this point I looked at board 4 Glyn was a pawn down and at best a draw, George on 5 had being playing well but appeared to have over extended and was getting in trouble. All this meant I had to play on and pray for a miracle. Richard was in total control and comfortably beat myself, moments before Nigel cracked Adrian on one 2-0 down ,board 3 and 4  losing  and 5 level and advantage switching everytime I looked at it. Glyn was next to finish happy with a draw 2.5 -0.5 then Jim fell 3.5-0.5 and honestly was never in doubt. The only shock was to come on 5 were George has played a little combination that had Keith resigning on the spot 3.5-1.5 a flattering result in all when Telepost bossed boards 1-4 through out the match.

N Ferrington 1 A Zdanowski 0

R Bryant 1 W Bates 0

P Zabrocki 1 J O'neil 0

M Clark 0.5 G Pugh 0.5 

K Tabner 0 G Viszokai 1