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Sep 2, 2015, 10:43 PM 0

Oh they talk proper with intelligence selling propaganda to the masses, creating massive controversy, animating hatred through social media, we are one color, one governing body, one nation falling divided by the undivided attentions of self aggression.
Depression, regression a nation of small minds rehashing uncivil over civil  forgetting the history of 1861 was the beginning of social-disorder without law and order, call it draw your gun and one dies and others shall falter and kneel at the altar. 
A nation becoming our own worst enemy, terrorizing ourselves on our on land of the brave and free and truly the only ones free are the aristocratic  and bureaucratic statesmen and women.
Let us the people draw back the discontent, confusion and hatred before our true enemies benefit the repercussions of our own flaunters of our great nation. 
@2015 poeatticvoice 

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