Marked his name out and called him Blacky

Aug 20, 2009, 8:54 AM |

We are here in Afghanistan in huge numbers aiding in the fight against oppression of a people while at the same time fighting a war on racism within our own ranks. I’m not racially conscious, for I know who I am and where I stand in this world, my ancestors with through grave tyranny treatment and it’s their testaments why other great people have die throughout history so that we’re given the same rights as others. You cannot deface me for my blood flows thick and red, my skin is that of beauty GOD given, you cannot penetrate nor can you dishonor a strong educated black man.

Hang your rope from trees and gate, sling your words of defamation around the fob in a country that is neither yours are mine.


Drive your nails of regress, while I as a man progress off every strike of your beleaguered hammer. My back isn’t bent therefore you cannot ride me like a pack horse undernourished with like knowledge. Your nails are bent; hold no integrity of human proposes. Read your bible, get, an understanding of what a sacrificial nail stands for, God died for the very sins you and I commit. Your words are of an old mold, my words are bold and have stature, and my heart is charitable while your heart is irritable and decaying with sorrow. I feel neither pity nor remorse for you; you are lost in time stuck in a tar pit like the one-decayed dinosaurs bones undiscovered. When you close your eyes it’s me you see, when night falls it’s me that comes out you can’t escape I’m your faith in the end you will be my friend cause when you die , into darkness you shall return. Black is what you hate black is your true fate in the end.