The Inner Battles After Deployment

Aug 21, 2009, 6:11 AM |

We are in a war against terrorism, policing other parts of the world trying to prevent world crime, poverty, and environmental situations, mean while there is a forgotten battle uncontrolled far more destructive than the shallowest planted Black Heart (IED) and its very unexpected and unpredictable by the time it goes off it’s too late.

This dark battle goes on undetected, lying quiescent being transported in its vessel, waiting to transform.

This battle is a great tug of war, with understanding being in the middle, tiring to identify with why.

 Why, has the other end of your rope, confusion sets in, frustration grins, and the battle begins.

This is an inner battle that deployed soldiers and soldiers that have been deployed struggle with not to bring what they were fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan into their homes are on their jobs.

Being deployed isn’t easy for anyone, soldiers are their loved ones, this is the time when everyone involved should be strong mentally and have moral integrity.

This battle deeply embedded away within the soldiers mind, flogging the soul of a man, his days may become night and judgments are juggling instruments of that dark jester.

There is no one action for every reaction for that soldier is fighting the inner terrorist, tiring to keep that immoral feeling imprisoned and out of his social society; if the key is drop everything and everyone within those soldiers lives will become a casualty of those soldiers inner battle.

These battles leave behind carnage of broken hearts, families, divorce, and even prison time for those soldiers that can’t figure out away to detain that terrorist that roams freely with in his mind confusing the man, a soldiers memories or harsh times while deployed or after deployment.

Picture an eighteen-wheeler without brakes accelerating downhill, or tornado jumping out of the dark skies above lifting your house from its foundation taking it away from its residents, this could come in the form of a letter to any soldier, about death, or someone leaving you, deployments puts a nervous tension on all soldiers mentally, physically and socially.

 Close your eyes and pretend to feel a soldier’s heartache at a pivotal monument as that, cause that is the only thing you can do, ask and hopefully he’ll talk to you are someone about it.

Soldiers have to adhere to many rules with our hands tied to a declaration of drawn up military laws.