Second Edition of Everyone's Second Chess Book Now Available!

Second Edition of Everyone's Second Chess Book Now Available!

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Several years ago, in response to inquiries, I wrote a blog, "Whatever Happened to Everyone's Second Chess Book" (E2CB) about the legal problems encountered when trying to update the book. As I noted in the update, the problems were finally resolved and I was able to work on the second edition.

Now the second edition of E2CB is about to become available. You can already pre-order on Amazon (take the link).

This second edition is not a mild do-over. Like all my second editions, I have made major changes; so major that the book is roughly triple the size of the first edition!

As a preview, I would like to list the chapters accompanied with brief notes:

Chapter 1: Learning, Chunking, and Mistakes - compares learning chess to learning how to read. Introduces the concept of Board Vision.


Chapter 2: Developing Board Vision and Visualization - Discusses the difference between board vision and visualization and how to get better at these two vital chess skills. Introduces the key tactical skill of Counting (no, not learning the average values of the pieces...).


Chapter 3: Board Vision and Beginner’s Guidelines - An overview of basic principles (guidelines).  Extensively re-done and expanded.


Chapter 4: Don’t Make Lemonade When You Should Be Making Ice Tea - an extensive discussion of how to play when winning easily (or way behind).


Chapter 5: Know the Rules - an overview of some of the most commonly misunderstood chess (and tournament) rules.


Chapter 6: Board Vision and Time- A discussion of the extremely important chess skill Time Management.


Chapter 7: Just Because It’s Forced… - Examples of the common error of thinking that by forcing your opponent to make a move, that move can't also do something dangerous.


Chapter 8: Assume the Best - Shows how not assuming the opponent will make the best move can lead to serious (and common) errors.


Chapter 9: Don’t Believe Him! - A discussion of what happens when a player erroneously thinks that the opponent is always making sound moves, or sound sacrifices, or has something up his sleeve.


Chapter 10: The Three Big Areas for Improvement - An entirely new chapter on the most basic areas to focus on when striving for improvement.


Chapter 11: “Don’t Stop Now!”: Quiescence Errors - Addresses the common error of stopping analysis too soon when there may be further forcing moves (checks, captures, or threats) which can alter the evaluation of the position.


Chapter 12: Make Your Study Fun - Another new chapter on enhancing fun and thus facilitating improvement.;


Chapter 13: Chess Etiquette - Covers some of the most common and basic chess courtesy issues, both within tournaments and just fun skittles play.


Chapter 14: Puzzles with a Point - A reproduction of my well-received column that was first published in the newsletter.


Chapter 15: Illustrative Games - Some very basic games that nontheless illustrate several types of errors and misconceptions found in the games of many non-advanced players.

The first edition of E2CB became a "Cult-classic" and some used copies sold for $200 or so! Luckily you will be able to purchase the second edition, completely new, at a fraction of the cost...and soon!

I just updated the title (Mar 2, 2018) to reflect the fact that I just received my copies of the second edition of Everyone's Second Chess Book and it should be available on Amazon any day .