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    • Fighting Chess at the SD Teams

      My most recent tournament was a rollar-coaster I will never forget. I have had more than one memorable tournament over the past 6 years I have played tournament chess. I have had everything from brillant victories to shocking blunders. I have see... | Read More

    • SF Open

      Back in September, I played in a big open tournament. I really enjoyed the tournament. The whole tournament had a very professional setup. Usually, you have to bring your own boards to set up, but this tournament they already had boards setup ... | Read More

    • A Tale of Two Masters and Three Young Frenchman

           Its been a long time (almost a year) since I have posted a blog on one of my tournament experiences. I will no longer deprive everyone. Several months ago, in April, I participated in a chess tourament in Iowa, the Okoboji Open. My blog is... | Read More

    • Unrated but Not Unfun

      This weekend I played in an unrated tournament that was held at my local college. I knew I was the favorite but it wouldn't be a walk-over victory. In the 1st round I faced Bruce, someone I have I played many, many times. He is a dangerous vetera... | Read More

    • My First Master!

      Last weekend I went to my state's chess championship. It was quite the tournament. I had just recently started college and was coming off a fun exam week. So I hadn't really been studying chess all that much, just playing a lot of blitz online and... | Read More

    • Learn From Your Mistakes, Come Back Stronger

      A few months ago, I played in a big open tournament and played horribly. The format was a swiss with 5 rounds, 90 min. time limit for the first two rooms, and 120 min. for the last 3 rounds. I showed up to the tournament with high hopes and a goal... | Read More

    • Instructive Inquisition

      Very recently, I played a fascinating game at the chess club. The chess opening called the Ruy Lopez is often reffered to as the "Spanish Torture" with the player of the white pieces usually doing the torturing. Hence several members of our club c... | Read More

    • One day you're on fire, the next...

      About a week ago, I went to a big chess tourney. I was eager to do well since I ended 2013 on a bad note with a dumb loss to a 1500 in the last game (I pretty much gave the game zero effort). I realized after that tourney that the biggest thing ho... | Read More

    • Smack-down in the c3 - Sicilian

      I came across a brilliant crushing Tal-style game the other day that featured a c3 - Sicilian. I am always surpised when people say that the c3 - Sicilian is a slow, boring opening. Nothing could be further from the truth as this game shows. O... | Read More

    • Openings According to Me #1: 4.Qc2 Nimzo-Indian - 5.e4 Line Part One

      The Nimzo-Indian is a highly respected opening used by many grandmasters, today I will look at one of the most critical lines. Here is the variation I will look at: This variation is very sharp and one should know this variation very well if one... | Read More