A Most Tragic Loss

Dec 5, 2013, 5:53 PM |

Imagine this: you play a beautiful game, sacing your queen for a knight, rook, and two pawns, slowly and surely convert that into a double rooks vs queen ending, which, in a time scramble, you end up getting three connected passed pawns and your opponents king is bare, having lost all his pawns, and you will be able to torment his king and queen relentlessly with your two rooks. Then your "flag" falls. At this point there is many different respones; some people would pound their keyboard to bits, others would throw their laptop into the wall, while others would spew profanity. All I could do was collapse back in my chair dazed as I struggled with what had just happened. Ok, sure it was just a 10 min. Live Chess game and it wasn't I big deal that I lost - it wasn't like I had just lost a huge game in a tournament or anything; it was just an obsure internet game. I PUNISHED the Smith-Morra Gambit. Although this game was pretty one-sided (until I lost on time) it is very intructive to watch the demolition.

A game worth studying.


A have an exercise for the readers of this article. How does black (if he had plenty of time) win the final position?