Smack-down in the c3 - Sicilian

Feb 16, 2014, 2:14 PM |

I came across a brilliant crushing Tal-style game the other day that featured a c3 - Sicilian. I am always surpised when people say that the c3 - Sicilian is a slow, boring opening. Nothing could be further from the truth as this game shows.

Ok, so now the opening is over. White is currently down a pawn, but has a violent attacking position. There are multiple attacking ideas white has, many involving sacrifices. So how should black defend? The computer recommends 15...Bxg5 which is clearly just a joke as who would give up their best defender of the dark-squares? Some people have tried 15...h6 but this seems wrong; this game shows why 15...Qd8 is bad. In my opinion the best defense for black is 15...Bd5 defends against sacrifices against e6, even so it is still a difficult defense. Maybe this whole variation is too dangerous for black? Back to the game:

So far all of black's moves after the sacrifice have been more or less forced. Now we need to ask ourselves what white's plans are. White's idea is to play c4-d5 (which will restrict black's bishop and take away the c6 square and also secure the e6 square for a rook) coupled with doubling rooks on the e-file. White will play against the pinned knight and the weak king. All in all white is much better and has clear plans:

Hope you all enjoyed the game!Laughing