The Worst Tournament of My Life Game Five

After the tragic loss last round, I was spent. I also knew the only thing I would be playing for in my last game was rating points. I played my last game against my good friend kodfish. I played my worst chess yet.

I blitzed out the opening and got a huge advantage. Unfortunetly, I missed a easy tactical blow that would have given me the win, which is unforgiveable for a player of my supposed caliber. After I chose a worse continuation, kodfish showed his talent. I drifted and he found a great move Rc5! which gave him tons of counterplay against my pawns. I also totally missed another point, it threatened c4 winning a piece. I blunderfully allowed c4 and although kodfish did not find the way to collect an easy piece he was able to navigate the game to a pawn up rook ending. If I was on top of my game I would have drawn the ending in my sleep, but as it turns out, I didn't really care and got extremely careless. kodfish brought home the the point brilliantly.

There actually is a study-like way that the final rook ending might have been held with, but I will leave that to the reader of the blog post.
So I finished with a score of 2 out of 5. A horrible game played by myself. Apart from the opening, kodfish played extremly well, so kudos to him.
Looking back on the tournament it was a good experience which exposed serious holes in my game. I actually had four games in which there was only one winning move. I missed the win in all four games. I have learned an enormous amount from each of my games and each loss has only made me even stronger. I will be back. Enjoy the video which sums up my tournament absolutely amazingly well. 
"Each loss has only made me stronger"- Me


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    I had Chessmaster analayze it, got results that pretty much mirror your analysis.  31. Rb1????? :( is stupid, and made white very, very sad and angry. Other than that white is pleased with whiteself considering that some people might consider white a "super duper underdog."  

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    its good to see your learning from it. A teammate of mine who was in the 1500s had a horrible tournament scoring 1.5/5 amd fell into mid 1400s and sorta gave up chess for like 3 months but hes gotten back into it since like 4 months ago but if he had the same attitude hed come back stronger im sure his play seems the same though in terms of level

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