The Worst Tournament of My Life Game Four

Mar 18, 2013, 2:53 PM |

After Game Three I was happy that I had won two in a row and ready to give it my all the next day.

In Round Four I had to play a good friend of mine. He and I had played 4 games before this one. I had won the 1st meeting and the rest were draws. If you think those were quick, bloodless draws, think again. Our games our up and down and full of blunders. However, both of us had improved greatly since our last meeting and we were both eager for blood.

He played a interesting variation of the Semi-Slav and I don't think I played opening incredibly but he reacted poorly and I quickly got a big advantage in the resulting middlegame. Then, unfortunetly I played for a tactical crush when I should have just played slow and squeezed him in a python-like grip. The result was that I lost most of my advantage and I had to win the game all over again. I did and got a winning endgame but by then I was in time trouble. I made two blunders which were inexcusable even though I was in time trouble and I lost the game.

A heatbreaking loss. I could not believe I blew another game.