The Worst Tournament of My Life Game Three

Mar 12, 2013, 3:47 PM |

I was quite pleased with my wild win in Round Two but I still needed to win my next three games. Easy, right? Well this game will show you how far I was willing to take things to win.

I faced a 1500 is this round. I was hoping to get a wild Grunfeld or something like that but instead my opponent played the Trompowsky. I responded with very solid (but dull) moves and things dryed up very quickly. I quickly was bored but knew I needed to win. The problem was if I tried anything crazy (not that there was anything crazy I could try) I might lose. Well, I made a 'calculated' risk. I went into a slighty worse King and pawn ending and ... well you will see what happened.

I probably should have lost this game but my opponent didn't find the right plan and did not sense any danger and so he blundered and lost.