What are the odds??

Dec 6, 2013, 4:46 PM |

How is it possible that in the last couple games that you were able to play a "real" Sicilian Najdorf your opponents both play the same line and fall into the exact same trap?

The first incident happened at my local chess club several weeks ago. My opponent, Frank, was playing another game at the same time and was on his laptop, so it is not hard to see how he fell into this trap. I'm sure if his full concentration was on this game he most likely would not have fallen into it.

Flash foward to several weeks later, when, in Chess.com 10 Minute Live game, I finally got a Sicilian Najdorf instead of one of those crazy anti-sicilians and my opponent played the same line, using goads of time in the process, in contrast, I had used less then a minute to reach move 12 where the trap was ready once again. Then after several minutes of thought my opponent castled! I couldn't believe it - the same trap!

Since it was a 10 Minute Game my opponent struggled on but in the end I prevailed, using the sheer weight of material to win.