#38 Raleigh Chess Club vs UNC Chess Club

#38 Raleigh Chess Club vs UNC Chess Club


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  • Tournament #38 : UNC Chess Club vs Raleigh Chess Club (10/27,30/92)
  • UNC Chess Club/Raleigh Chess Club
  • TD: Robert Singletary
  • Section: Team Match
  • Time control: ??
  • Crosstable Link

This was my first time participating in a team match. I played on board 7 for RCC. We played one game at UNC-CC that Tuesday night, switched colors and played again at RCC on Friday. I remember having a hard time finding parking at UNC that Tuesday night and accidentally parking in a hashed off area and getting a ticket. In my defense though, it was hard to see the hash marks for all the other parked cars, LOL.

My opponent was lower rated, but both of our games were very competitive and very wild. I messed up game 1 pretty bad, but managed to come back and take a draw. In the second, I successfully converted the endgame. As far as the team match, it wasn't even close, RCC came close to sweeping on Tuesday night and cruised to victory on Friday.

Round 1, "Away" @UNC Student Union, Game #112

Round 2, "Home" @Raleigh Chess Club, Game #113


(Since this was a "home and home" series records will be updated based on where the game was played)

  • Recap: +1 =1 -0
  • Rating: 1553 -> 1547 (-8)
  • Career: +61 =16 -36
  • UNC: +17 =4 -7
  • RCC: +2 =1 -1