#57 Phi Kappa Blanca LVIII

#57 Phi Kappa Blanca LVIII

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Tournament #57, Phi Kappa Blanca 4/9/94
NCSU Student Union, Raleigh, NC
TD: Robert Singletary
Section: U1800
Time Control: 40/90, G/30

On occasion, there would be simuls held at the Raleigh Chess Club.  I participated in quite a few and had a really nice habit of earning draws against the hosting player.  This game occurred the weekend before today's tournament posting against local master Greg Samsa.  His overall record in this simul was +12 =4 -1.  I was lucky enough to be one of the draws.



My winning streak would end at 5 as my 1st round game would be against an open section opponent. When there are an odd number of players in multiple sections, such pairing are not unusual. Both players get a bye in their respective sections and still get to play a rated game. And since I was playing up, I get the benefit of an instructional game.  I'm not sure about the recorded move order at the end of that game.  Something doesn't look right and I get the impression that the king was off the back rank and his other rook was free to swing over to the king side....either way, it was a loss for me, LOL!

Round 2 is also my 1st encounter with a member of the Point A Chess Club. This club was started by Richard Cowles as a way of training the short schedule of the World Open. They would meet on Sundays at his house in Carrboro and play a 5 round G/40. The name "Point A" came from the fact that, when they would travel to tournaments, Rick's house was always the meeting place for the caravan (traveling from Point A to Point B). The club would become a major influence in my life and game....but more on that later.


Round 1, Game # 170

Round 2, Game # 171

Round 3, Game #172

Recap: +1 =0 -2
Rating: 1613 -> 1600 (-13)
Career: +84 =27 -61
PKB:  +40 =17 -36