#26 Chess Nut X

#26 Chess Nut X

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  • Tournament #26 : Chess Nut, 11/02/91
  • Fred A Olds Elementary, Raleigh, NC
  • TD:  Edwin Chamberlain
  • Section:  Open
  • Time Control:  G/60
  • Official Crosstable

Another training tournament.  This time there was one player who was, at least, close to me competitively.  The first 2 games are typical blowouts, although it's interesting to note that, in round 2, after winning my opponet's queen, I did allow an illegal move (11.O-O-O...castling across check).  I made a maual adjustment in the database to create the position afterward, but there wasn't much to see after I won his queen.

My game against Daniel in Round 3 was interesting for another reason.  Sometimes the events off the board can be more interesting than the game itself and I definitely wish to tell those stories in these posts.  Daniel was one of those players who wrote down moves before he played them.  Some consider this a violation of the "note taking" rule in the USCF rulebook.  This is something that has never really bothered me, in fact, I can typically read what they have written and can use that information to discern where their minds are at.  What was interesting about this case was the fact that he was using Russian characters in his notation.  Likely to prevent me from doing what I just stated....reading his moves.  What he didn't know was that, in reading the USCF rulebook, I had come across acceptable notation types and had seen the Russian notations.  About halfway through the game, I followed suit and started also notating in Russian.  He saw what I was doing and realized that, for the entire game, I had been able to read the moves he was writting on his score sheet.  I don't know how much it distracted him from the game, but he was definitely bothered by this and went to great lengths to cover his sheet after writting moves.

Round 1, Game 75

Round 2, Game 76

Round 3, Game 77

  • Recap: +3 =0 -0
  • Rating:  1402 -> 1422 (+20)
  • Total:  +39 =9 -29
  • Scholastic:  +11 =2 -4