Tournament #5 -- The 90's begin...

Tournament #5 -- The 90's begin...

  • Touranment #5 : Ram-bo  2/11/90
  • UNC Student Union, Chapel Hill, NC
  • TD:  Robert Singletary
  • Section:  Octet
  • Time Control:  G/60


Even though I only had 10 games under my belt at the time, I guess it could be said that the 80's were not kind to me as far as USCF play goes.  With the new year and new decade came my breakout tournament.  And it came in a new venue.  This was another series of tournaments run by Robert.  These were held in the UNC student union.  There were 2 different formats for this tournament.  Tournaments held on Saturdays (named "Ram"s) were the same as the PKBs, Open, U1800 and U1400 with the 40/90 G/30 time control.  Then there were "Ram-bo"s on Sunday.  Those featured a shorter time control due to time constraints with the student union's hours and also grouped players in octets (8-man sections).  With the first round bye, this would be my first cash finish although my first game (round 2) was another blunderfest.  This time including both of us taking turns giving up a rook and then our queens as well as taking turns missing checkmates!  If I could have awarded triple question marks on some of these moves, I would have.  I'm amazed Toga didn't eventually say "This is some sort of sick joke, right?!", LOL!


Round 1 : Bye (no game)


Round 2 : Game #11

Round 3 : Game #12


  • Recap: +2 =0 -0
  • Rating: ??? -> ???
  • Total:  +3 =0 -9
  • Ram/Rambo: +2 =0 -0