Beware Of Sneak Attacks

Beware Of Sneak Attacks

Jan 3, 2016, 1:50 AM |

Hi Everyone,    

First of all a very Happy New Year to all of you. Hope that we may all have a wonderful 2016!!

Now lets start with an old quote by one of the great masters of old " The hardest thing in chess is winning a won game". Frank Marshall's quote stood the test of time and we have all lost games where we were completely winning. Why do this happens? The most common cause is time trouble. It causes the best of players to blunder. But there are some other reasons as well, one of them is some kind of sneak attack which the winning party often overlooks. 

Now sneak attack comes in many formats such as back rank mate, discovered attacks , sham sacrifices etc.But they are worth a shot in desperate and losing situations. In one of my recent games I employed such a tactic in a 3/2 blitz game on 1/1/2016

         So in a nutshell -
Be careful not to get a backrank mate 
1 when up in material, simplification always helps.  Its better to remove opponents every attacking possibility
      2  Winning material  is generally good, but be wary of your opponents possible tactics as shown in the game
      3 It's better to keep one or two pieces around the king until endgame  
    4 Knights are awesome ( LOL) 
Until next time, take care and have fun.