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How NOT to play The Sicillian Dragon

How NOT to play The Sicillian Dragon

May 9, 2016, 12:45 AM 0

As we all know the Sicillian Dragon is one of the sharpest weapon in black's disposal against 1e4. Though at the top level the popularity of the dragon has decreased in favor of Najdorf and other types of sicillian, it still remains in the repertoire of most grandmasters and in amateur level it is one of the most popular opening. 

White's sharpest response against the dragon is the Yugoslav attack, where white castles long, and starts a pawn storm towards black's castled king . Black tries to do the same on his queen side and push his a & b pawns towards white king supported by rook and/or queen. These games often turns out to be a race to breach each others king safety .The key theme in these lines is THERE'S NO TIME TO LOOSE. Since both sides are on all out attack, there is often no place for inaccurate or random moves. One thing white also tries to do is to exchange black's "dragon bishop" for his own dark square bishop which creates weakness around black king.


I recently played one game in such lines at chess.com 3/2 blitz. Granted my opponent was considerably lower rated he made all the cardinal sins while playing the sicillian dragon, so it can serve as an example of how not to play the sicillian dragon.

The name of my opponent is not given for obvious reasons but can be found in my game archive on May 9 2016.

Until next time .

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