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TV series featuring chess-playing detective

TV series featuring chess-playing detective

Feb 20, 2013, 8:20 AM 0

There is a new TV series called Endgame featuring a fictional former Russian world chess champion that finds himself doing what chess players do best, solving puzzles, but in this case, crime puzzles.  It's only on Hulu.  To sign up for 2 free weeks to view the series, use this link:  http://hulu.com/r/EK3MSw

GM Balagan racks up a huge debt at a luxury hotel in Vancouver because a trauma in his life psychologically hinders him from leaving the building.  He incidentally gets involved in solving crimes related to those he comes in contact with at the hotel and gets paid along the way. 

Like a lot of shows centered on chess, you hardly ever see the positions on the board when a game is being played, but there is a lot of humor and chess talk.  My favorite quote thus far while talking with a guy who gave up on chess, "Some people boldy go into the world to create art, play sports, do science, even warfare, but if you want to do all four, you play chess."  He solves all the crimes from the hotel and gets others to help, like a FIDE master who desparately wants to play him and learn from his games, but Balagan's fee is whatever assignment he needs for the case.

Please take advantage of the 2-week trial offer via the link.  Just to be transparent, the link is from my subscription, so that if one of you signs up through the link, I get 2 weeks free.  It's kinda like a chess.com referral, only it's Hulu.  After you watch the show, come back here and post what you think to encourage others to watch.

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