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23-Days To Better Chess: My Vengeance!

23-Days To Better Chess: My Vengeance!

Oct 5, 2011, 8:56 AM 3

Aha! Just got my revenge against the dreaded silicon machine. Of course, it wasn't playing on full strength BUT it's still nice to win. Fritz was running with an 800 MB hashtable on an Intel iCore 3 (2.49 GHz) CPU.

I clicked the Friendly Game button, I toned it down to 2146 ELO, hit OK, and this is what happened...

OK, the game is far from perfect... especially from my side. That c2-c4 pawn push gave the initiative to Black. He was dictating the flow of the game - pressuring my d-pawn for several moves and forcing me to find tricks to make sure I don't go down in material.

You see, I have never been a huge fan of playing with an isolated pawn. I'd rather play against it. BUT after this game, I'm a lot more confident in playing with either side.

What about you dear readers (do I have any?)? Care to share a game? :)


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