Dualbishop's Chess Tactics Training 1

Dualbishop's Chess Tactics Training 1

May 22, 2012, 7:21 PM |

Hey folks!

How're you doing? It's 10 AM in the morning here and I thought it would be great to start the day right with some brain-teasing and stimulating chess tactics training exercises.

Well, let's not waste another moment. Here are 3 positions to whet your appetite for brilliant tactics and combinations.

Oh! And before I forget, don't forget to download the PGN files. The analysis and subvariations are just as brilliant! :)



Well, that wraps up the session for today. Stay tuned as there will be more interesting and instructive chess exercises to come! Or, if you really want more, check out this free goody:

Chess Tactics Training

See yah,