Tal: Nadjorf Specialist

Feb 13, 2013, 9:37 AM |

A very interesting use of piece coordination by Tal in 1959 against the great Bobby Fischer.  Fischer had used Bc4 as his favourite move against the Nadjorf however in this game Tal swept him away...

Fischer had developed this classic move 6. Bc4 as  great weapon against the Nadjorf.  It was rekindled in the 1990s none more so than in the 1993 Short- Kasparov match.  It is not used as much now as Black has two reliable systems against it : Tal however paved the way... 


For a Nadjorf player ..... as I am.. what did I learn:

although the Nadjorf is very theoretical it is worth all the effort to learn the combinations, so thanks to attila (IM attilaturzo) for his help in this line.

despite a perceived lack of space in the Nadjort line (or so it appeared to me when I first started) it is very solid and gives lots of attacking lines against virtually any opening from White.

Less games appear to be drawn with the Nadjorf: you either win or get hung!

For great chess :)