on Shark Tank!? Erik and Danny Audition Video on Shark Tank!? Erik and Danny Audition Video

Mar 29, 2017, 8:48 PM |

NO, WE ARE NOT ON SHARK TANK... yet. Danny and I are here in Palm Springs, CA (staying at a Holiday Inn Express, of course) preparing for our 60 seconds of glory as we audition live and in person for the chance to be on Shark Tank. We have just ONE minute to make an impression on them and see if we are a good fit for the show. 

Check out our audition practice before we hit the show tomorrow and tell us what you think!

Now, I know it's totally cheeseball to flaunt my résume (which I never do!!), but we thought it was an interesting contrast point for the show. It's hard to know what to put into such a short pitch, but we wanted to include a little about ourselves, our backgrounds, how and why ChessKid got started, where we are, and what we hope to accomplish with the Sharks. 

I've been a HUGE Shark Tank fan for years - ever since Jay told me about it. Speaking of Jay, yes, he's actually the co-founder of ChessKid, but he doesn't want to be on TV and Danny was there from the very beginning too. 

I really do feel like there are several of the Sharks who have meaningful connections in marketing and education that could really help us spread the message of chess for kids!

What do you think...

Is ChessKid a good fit for Shark Tank?

Do you think Shark Tank is a good fit for ChessKid? 

Do you think we might have a shot at making the show??????!

We are going to be kind of "live blogging" throughout the day. So check back if you want. 

UPDATE @ 7:22am:

We just finished a great workout at CrossFit Awaken. First rule of CrossFit is you MUST TALK ABOUT CROSSFIT. So here goes. Partner workout. 25 min AMRAP. 50 cal row. 50 power cleans 95#. 50 cal row. 50 power cleans 135#. 50 cal row. 50 power cleans 155#. 50 cal row. Max power cleans 185#. (We got through 6 of the 185# cleans...) 

Now off to breakfast, more rehearsal, and getting in line! But gotta start the day out right...

UPDATE @9:14 am: 

We were live on Facebook!


Update @ 10:20am: They told us to come back at 2pm. Back at hotel waiting. And practicing. And answering emails. 


Update @ 7:35pm: We did it! It's over. After a loooooooong wait, our number was called. Pitch went just as planned, and we added in a few things based on some of YOUR feedback! They didn't let us film though :/ Anyway, we don't have an "official" invitation to the next round, but they did say they REALLY liked it. 

Here's our post-audition babble: 

Thank you everyone for your support! We may or may not be seeing you again... on TV!