Why (and How) I Started
How did get started?

Why (and How) I Started

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I often get asked "Why did you start" And the followup, "How did you do it?" Let me start by saying that "I" didn't do it alone. I did it alongside the most amazing team of passionate chess fans and developers and

I learned chess when I was eight years old. I didn't really pick it back up until I was a freshman in college (1995) and happened to be on the same floor as the chess club president - Jay - who later became the co-founder of! We started working on it together in 2005, and launched in 2006. It's been an incredible ride ever since!

Below you can find several articles that talk about how got started and how it all works today. Enjoy!

- Erik (CEO and Co-founder,

Building Part 1 - Getting Started

Building Part 1 - Getting Started

(You can find all of my early "Building" blog posts here.)

How I got the domain name

How I Got the Domain Name

How we created the logo

The Logo Story

How our 100+ person team works together

How's 100-Person Virtual Team Works Together

I blog about the past, present, and future of! (And sometimes my amateur games...)